The chickens slaughtered are cleaned and processed by using the modern machinery. In all slaughtering facilities, the antemortem and post mortem controls are done and followed up by the company’s veterinerians. Moreover in the slaughterhouses all process for both antemortem and post mortem are inspected and checked frequently by the official veterinarians that work in the name of Ministry. The storage of products are appropriate with its technical conditions under the proper temperature and humidity.


A traceability system is available for the production process and storage. It is not allowed to break the cold chain in any point. The Sector is conducting the studies on scientific developments and researches about production methods in coordination with government, universities and academicians. The developments in the world is also followed. All of the legal legislation that our establishments are obliged to obey are harmonized by the European Union legislation. The lands on which live production facilities are established are disease free areas in terms of biosecurity. Most advanced automation and monitoring systems are used in our facilities. During the breeding periods, 24 hours effective biosecurity, ventilation, heat-humidity and health management and internal inspection are realized. It is paid attention to follow animal welfare rules while breeding and at the slaughterhouses.

Quality assurance systems based on HACCP are applied at the facilities. The products are stored in the warehouses according to the storage techniques and by providing appropriate heat and humidity according to the products. Back tracebility system exists related with the production and storage information of the products and cold chain is never allowed to break at any stage. Ministry of Food Agriculture and Husbandry also makes continuous legal controls and inspections at every stage of production. During the facility inspections swap and samples are taken from the animals, facilities and final products, residual, bacteria and disease analysis are realized in the laboratories and technical inspections are also done. Besides final product samples are taken from the shelves of the markets, analyses are done and producers are monitored. Ministry official veterinaries continuously and effectively monitor and inspect ante mortem and post mortem production activities at the slaughterhouses. In this manner healthy and reliable poultry meat is supplied to the market and guaranteed.